What is “At The Money”?

At the money‘ is the point where you have not made a loss or a gain. The underlying market price of a security equals the option’s strike price.

When you are AT THE MONEY, you have hit the break even point. You aren’t losing, but you aren’t winning either.  But everyone starts somewhere!

Bored by this high speak?!

Cash Bauer prefers to talk about stocks and making money in a no-nonsense, every-man speak. If there’s money to be found in the market, Cash wants you to be at it, in it, bathing in it.  Cash knows you can find your investment information anywhere, so he stands apart by mixing a perfect combination of humor and entry level tips with strategy and constant market watching. So let’s get at the money and then BEYOND!

Stock analyzer.  Heart Breaker.  Gazabillionaire.


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